hummus pasta in a bowl

5 Ingredient Hummus Pasta (by From My Bowl)

This 5 ingredient hummus pasta by From My Bowl (by Caitlin Shoemaker) is one of my favourite quick go-to meals, and a great way to use up leftover hummus! The reason I love this recipe so much is that it only takes ~20 minutes and is very flexible with ingredients. All you do is cook some pasta, make a sauce out of water, hummus, and lemon juice, and then add in whatever you’d like.

This recipe uses sun-dried tomatoes, but I’ve also tried it with regular tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, and/or spinach. Adding in a protein source like chicken or some extra chickpeas would also work nicely!

You can also switch up the type of hummus you use. The recipe recommends garlic hummus, but you can really use any type you like (sun-dried tomato hummus works well). Just make sure it’s a hummus you enjoy and you’re good to go!

Find the hummus pasta recipe here:

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