Hi, I’m Megan Lange, a dietetics student and the creator of AppreciATE Food!

This nutrition & food blog celebrates the nourishment and joy of food. Here you’ll find easy recipes, cooking tips, and reliable nutrition resources.

Ever since I was young, whether I was baking in the kitchen with my mom, sharing traditional holiday meals with family, or trying a new dish at a local restaurant, I’ve loved the creativity and community that comes from food. Food has the power to bring families together, form friendships, and behind all that, food is the power that fuels and nourishes us as human beings.

I created this blog in 2019 (at the time known as “Made by Meg”) as a way to share some of my favourite recipes with others. At the time, I was a high school student who simply loved food and was curious about the science and psychology behind it. Since then, I’ve started a Bachelors degree in Nutrition and Food Science with a Dietetics Specialization, and this food blog has grown into a space where I share not only recipes, but also evidence-based nutrition resources.

I hope AppreciATE Food can inspire you in some way, whether it be to cook a food you’ve never tried, learn something new about nutrition, or simply to AppreciATE all that food has to offer!

Cutting board with bell peppers

“Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.”

– Giada De Laurentiis