AppreciATE Food School Workshop

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  • Appreciate Food School Workshop
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The AppreciATE Food School Workshop is a free, volunteer-run elementary school nutrition outreach program directed at Grade 5 students. Based in Edmonton and developed alongside the Alberta Grade 5 Wellness Outcomes and Canada’s Food Guide, it is delivered as a 60 minute workshop with interactive presentations and stations. The program was launched in September 2022, and since then has visited several Edmonton schools.

Appreciate Food School Workshop

Our Goal

Through the AppreciATE Food School Workshop, we strive to inspire young students to appreciate the many different values of food. By encouraging balance and variety, we celebrate food as a vessel for nourishment, culture, and enjoyment.

Meet the Team

The program is led by Megan Lange and delivered by a team of University of Alberta Dietetics students. Our team is passionate about evidence-based nutrition education and inspiring future generations.

Team Photo

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