Chickpea Greek Salad

chickpea greek salad

(vegan, gluten free, nut free) This chickpea greek salad is super simple (just chickpeas, vegetables, feta cheese, + vinaigrette) and great as a make-ahead lunch or side salad. It also works really well with chicken or quinoa mixed in, and a side of pita or flatbread (or in a wrap!). Related Recipes

Hummus Arugula Pizza

Hummus Arugula Pizza

(vegetarian, nut free) This vegetarian hummus arugula pizza is a simple pizza recipe – all you do is add hummus to a pizza crust, top it with fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, arugula, lemon, and a sweet balsamic drizzle. You can mix it up with different toppings, and even use flatbread, naan, or a tortilla instead […]

5-Minute Hummus

5-minute hummus

(vegan, gluten free, nut free) All it takes to make this 5-minute hummus is a few ingredients and a food processor or blender. However you can also mash the chickpeas by hand to make a quick “smashed hummus”. It’s a great grab-and-go snack for dipping cut up vegetables, crackers, or pita bread. Also great on […]

Sweet Potato Chickpea Stew

sweet potato chickpea stew

(vegan, gluten free, nut free) This sweet potato chickpea stew is comforting, full of veggies and plant-based protein. All you have to do is put all the ingredients in a pot, let it cook for 25-30 mins, and it’s done! Great with rice or a side of naan or pita bread. Related Recipes