Egg Safety, Nutrition, and Cooking Methods

carton container with eggs in rows

Egg Safety Raw eggs pose a risk of food-borne illness, so it is important that they are produced and handled in a way that minimizes that risk. The following resources provide information around egg safety and tips for purchasing, sanitation, storage, and preparation of eggs: Healthy Canada egg regulations and tips for household safety Tips […]

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

bagel breakfast sandwich

(vegetarian, nut free) This bagel breakfast sandwich is perfect for when you’re short on time and need a quick and easy meal. Feel free to customize it to your liking! You can cook the egg however you want, but I find the quickest way is to crack it in a greased shallow bowl, cover it […]

Quinoa Veggie Egg Cups

quinoa veggie egg cups

(vegetarian, gluten free, nut free) These quinoa veggie egg cups are great to meal prep for breakfast or snacks, and are also very customizable. They’re a great use for leftover vegetables, so use whatever you have on hand (cooked mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, etc.). Sautéing the vegetables beforehand is optional, but it adds a lot more […]