Blueberry Apple Pecan Salad

blueberry apple pecan salad

(vegetarian, gluten free) This blueberry apple pecan salad is a great simple salad, with a tart + sweet vinaigrette and fresh fruit. I love this salad as a starter or side dish, but it also works great as a lunch with a protein like chicken mixed in. Feel free to add in different berries, cheese, […]

Salmon Dill Pasta Salad

salmon dill pasta salad

(nut free) If you love pasta, salmon, and dill, this recipe is for you. The creamy dill dressing is similar to what you’d put on a potato salad, and it’s packed with veggies for added crunch & nutrients. It’s also super versatile: use tuna or chickpeas instead of salmon, add different veggies if you’d like. […]

Creamy Cashew Caesar Dressing

Creamy Cashew Caesar Dressing

(vegan, gluten free) The only vegan and gluten free caesar dressing you’ll ever need! This recipe is super simple, perfect on a salad or even in a wrap or sandwich. Related Recipes

Tahini Lemon Salad Dressing

tahini lemon salad dressing

(vegan, gluten free, nut free) This tahini lemon salad dressing only has 3 ingredients. Feel free to adjust the ratio of the ingredients to your liking, or to not even measure them at all! I have also added dried dill, honey, and garlic to this salad dressing and it works really well. Related Recipes